The mission of CloudEurope.nl is to deliver, mostly based on the Microsoft portfolio, a number of services (ad-hoc and interim), knowledge and knowhow, with the best flexibility, transparency and quality that's possible. Creating an maximum statisfaction level for our customers, no matter if their management or end-users. Our customers recognize in general our transparency and the worry-free outcome of most of our IT implementations & migrations afterwards.
Despite of deep knowhow and knowledge, especially on the Microsoft portfolio, an intensive cooperation with other Microsoft organizations, consultants and specialists, we want to make the difference for you as a customer. 

CloudEurope wants to be the flexible Microsoft advisory party for every customer. From second opinion, advisories, active maintenance & support, we want to distinguish our self through a pragmatic and no-nonsense attitude, resulting in an satisfaction customer/supplier relation, small or large. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.